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Melbourne Tour Guide Team

Fiona Sweetman – Director

Fiona Sweetman Director – Born and raised in Melbourne, it wasn’t until 1992 that Fiona ventured overseas. It is this appreciation of both local destinations and international niche areas that Fiona feeds from to create innovative Melbourne Tour experiences. Her reputation in promoting local talent to consumers and tourism bodies encourages a fresh way of presenting retail, hospitality, and tourism. With an enthusiasm for small business and a love of the intricate history of her home town, Fiona having been the face and cofounder of Hidden Secrets Tours since its launch, took over the full operations of Hidden Secrets Tours 2 years later. In 2014 Fiona received the wonderful 10 year commendation from the City of Melbourne – a program that recognises longevity of small business in the city. Fiona is member of the Professional Tour Guide Association of Australia, a committee member for the City Precinct business association, and an associate member of the National Speakers Association. Follow Fiona on linked in  for further information

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Sarah King – Tour Host & Marketing Manager

Sarah wears many hats within her work life and joining us a guide is just one of them. Her knowledge of the city and its retailers is invaluable, and her graphic design skills have come in handy too! Sarah has become an integral part of the branding and marketing wing of our tour company, and we are excited to have her work with us on more projects and help develop the business. Sarah is an enthusiastic host of the Lanes & Arcades Tour , Private tours as well as the Cafe Culture Tour.

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Zoe MacDonald - Tour Host

Zoe has been with Hidden Secrets on and off for over 5 years now, and her enthusiasm for the client experience and sharing her urban discoveries is a delight. Zoe is part of Present Tense Theatre. Zoe is a very talented stand-up comedian as well as a comedy writer. She has had an amazing season in Edinburgh 2014 with her one woman show FOMO. We love having her vibrance as a part of our Melbourne Tours.

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Danae Flanagan - Tour Host

Not really sure what being a guide would be like, Danae came to Hidden Secrets in 2013 with a love for writing about the city and now Danae is an integral part of the Hidden Secrets Tours team – have a look at her blog when you get a chance too for all things Melbourne and travel.

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Sean Layh - Tour Host

Sean has come and gone and returned to Hidden Secrets a few times; for study, to spend time in Germany, and to focus on his fine arts. How lucky are we that he comes back to the walking tours of Melbourne with us. Sean is a student of science ( don’t let that distract you) and also a wonderful artist.  With exhibitions planned yearly – watch for his work -  Sean takes the Lanes and Arcades tour as well as the Progressive Degustation Tour.

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Nicholas Jones - Tour Host

Nicholas has been a friend of Hidden Secrets for many years, as a creative artist in the city, and a wonderful supporter of the literary city we live in. Late 2015 as we caught up in the street, a light bulb moment happened – a new tour guide for Hidden Secrets Tours.  Nicholas’s passion for the city that he worked in during the late 1990′s and its evolution since then gives his walking Tour of Melbourne a lovely tone, with creativity, architecture and the city’s mix we see today. As a bibliophile he has won awards, residencies and is also a teacher.  You will find more about Nicholas Jones here  Nicholas takes the Lanes and Arcades tour and gives wonderful insight on our Melbourne Tour.

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Caity Fowler - Tour Host

When we are on the look out for a guide we often receive suggestions from our friends, and team members.. Caity joined our team this way as she knew some of our team. A busy life as as a musician has left room in her days to join us as a tour guide on the Lanes and Arcades tour. Joining us mid 2015, Caity brings a lovely serene lilt to her walks, taking in all the surrounds of the areas we walk, and evoking a vision into the Melbourne if the past, whist seeing it as it is today. If she is not on tour with us, she may be on tour with her band Playwrite who get involved in some pretty fab gigs including the fun Melbourne Parlour Gigs. She has also become a yoga instructor and brings a calm to the sometimes frantic Melbourne touring schedule.

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Jess Mersin – Tour Host

Jess can be described as a true people person. Her passion for engaging with people from all corners of the world, coupled with her intense passion for Melbourne, has made her into an ideal tour guide. When she is not guiding in Melbourne, she can be found being active in nature, as well as working in an aged care residential facility running lifestyle activities. Jess loves to indulge, (frequently) dining out and appreciating diverse cultures of food and wines Melbourne has on offer. She lives and breathes all things Melbourne.

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Luisa Hastings Edge - Tour Host

Luisa has been making theatre here in Melbourne and Sydney, and in amongst her adventures on stage she is part of the Champagne Serenade ensemble and a valuable guide with us. Her enthusiasm for the history of Melbourne is intoxicating. She performed in the wonderful Richard Frankland play Walking into the Bigness, and we are so please to have her back on our Tours of Melbourne since her return in 2016. Welcome back Luisa.

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Rachael Alford - Tour Host

Having experienced so many great tours while travelling around the USA, Rachael decided that she wanted to inspire visitors to Melbourne the same way she was inspired by the guides she had met. And lucky for Hidden Secrets Tours, she came to be a part of our team. When Rachael isn’t showcasing her city as a tour guide of Melbourne, she is delighting audiences with her acting, singing and cabaret shows. You may find her voice familiar too, as she is a TV and radio voice artist.  For further insight into Rachael’s vision of Melbourne, you can follow her instagram photograph blog @melbournejournal

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Sarah MacAndrew - Tour Host

Sarah is another passionate wanderer of Melbourne. Her background working in hotels highlighted to Sarah how much she loved communicating with people, particularly when it came to advice on Melbourne. Already fit from being a dog walker (as she can’t have one of her own), Sarah quickly combined her passions and become a guide with Hidden Secrets Tours. She’s also a keen illustrator and a self confessed Netflix addict.

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Amy Lehpamer - Tour Host

Amy has taken a leave of absence while she is currently playing Maria in  The Sound Of Music Stage Show and has been on stage in ONCE musical here in Melbourne too. Her wonderment at Melbourne and all its hidden haunts kept clients wanting more, and when she is ready we look forward to having her back in the team.

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Anna Jeffries - Tour Host

Anna came to Hidden Secrets as a recomendation, and slipped into the mould of tour host well.  Anna also works in film and production, her keen eye, and sense of research has brought a wonderful flavour to her walks. Anna has left and returned to the team a few times, as various projects take her off to exotic parts. We are pleased to have her part of our little possy, especially  when she works with such amazing locals as Simon Griffiths – see more of her work on her website -  Contact Anna

Dale Campisi - Tour Host

Dale has been a friend of Hidden Secrets for almost 10 years, as publisher, co-collaborator for projects as Melbourne was announced a UNESCO city of Literature, and inspirational Melbourne watcher. He has written many books about our favourite city, as well as being part of great projects in Hobart too. In 2015 he has joined our team to host some of the Progressive Degustation Walks when he is in town.. - you can see one of his projects here Contact Dale

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