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For one day only, we have a little gift to you.. 

Any tour will be reduced by $17.88 –  just for bookings paid for on January 26th 2016

January 26th is remembered as the day that Captain Arthur Phillip the commander of the First Fleet sailed into Sydney Cove in 1788.   We see it as Survival day, and are grateful to the many aboriginal tribes, and the many following immigrants who have made our country great. Australia Day does have some critiques as the day to celebrate our nation.. This date was actually the day the first load of prisoners were brought to our country from England, with little respect for its first peoples. Perhaps Not such a great thing to celebrate.. But as we take a day of rest to remember and respect our country, we wanted to celebrate with you too.

Get organised, or just buy a gift voucher..   We will offer $17.88 off any place that is booked until the end of Tuesday January 26th 2016.

Use 1788 in the payment area, and the automatic reduction will be made.. Happy Days!

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