We’ve heard it from so many of our clients – the tour was booked for them by their travel agent, and they’re ‘not really tour people’ – but they were SO happy they did this tour of Melbourne. Of course, it fills us with pride to hear this, but it also makes sense.

Melbourne isn’t what we’d call a typical city. Most cities show you with bright lights, with big buildings and obvious destinations, what their city is all about. Melbourne however, is a more subtle city. It’s a city that thrives on the secret. A city that revels in the hidden away local joints. A city that wants you to explore beyond the facades. This is not always the most simple task. Many people are taught their whole lives to avoid alley ways, and stick to the main streets, particularly when traveling. But this would defeat the purpose of Melbourne’s essence. That’s why for some, when they arrive in Melbourne, they’re not too sure what all of the fuss is about. But there is plenty to fuss about, and for good reason too.

A tour of Melbourne is more than just a tour. It’s about finding the local’s places. It’s about breaking down those boundaries and walking into places you would otherwise have thought empty. Hidden Secret Tours are all about this. Our tours of Melbourne are restricted to a maximum of 8 people, as we want you to feel that inside vibe. We show you, teach you and give you the knowledge about the city to allow you to then fall in love with the quirk that is our great city.

So even if you think you’re ‘not a tour person’, we assure you, we’ve heard it before, and are proud to say have received praise from the greatest of tour critics. Our tour of Melbourne will open your eyes up to a city which is itself a hidden secret.