Well it is clear that winter has settled into Melbourne, and it’s likely that it’s here to stay for a few months. This week has shown us some of the first true winter days we have experienced this season. Nevertheless, Hidden Secrets Tours were out showing off what a winter friendly city Melbourne is. There is a lot to do in Melbourne during winter, in fact, the city shines.

Our winter in Melbourne Tours will guide you through the city in a way to avoid the harsh elements, whilst taking in the best of what Melbourne has to offer. Melbourne’s lanes and arcades not only provide interesting spots for retail and cafes, it also creates a path through the city which, if chosen carefully, can mean and almost all-undercover route.

For visitors or locals, if you’re asking yourself what to do in Melbourne in winter, remember it’s a city which is experienced in colder weather, and well and truly set up for it. Umbrellas and outdoor heating means eating in the city is still a great option for Melbourne in winter. Not to mention the many hidden away restaurants which are underground or tucked away in warm buildings. There’s really no shortage of what Melbourne has to offer during winter. Our many tours cater for all weather types and as one of Melbourne’s Best Tours we can show you how to make the most out of Melbourne.