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Getting Around Melbourne

There are some great ways to see more of Melbourne after a tour with us, and some very cheap too..

  1. As of 1st of January 2015 there is a FREE TRAM ZONE in the Melbourne CBD.
  2. There is of course the local public transport ticket – the MYKI – which you can buy and use to go further…if you are in town for an extended time, you can loan some from us – contact us here for more information.. See transport maps for Trains and Trams and Busses
  3. If you are feeling inspired there  is also the Melbourne Bike Share which starts at $2.90 per day ( if you use each bike for less than 30mins)
  4. The Free City Circle tram ( number 35 ) continues to operate with a Wonderful Audio on board that shares some of the heritage of the city along the way
  5. Travellers Aid is a Melbourne based not for profit that has operated for over 100 years in our city. We work with them to provide the best options for our potential guests who may not have the general habit of taking walking tours owing to a physical concern. We are very proud supporters of Travellers Aid, please contact them if you are interested in their services even if you are not joining us.
  6. Since January 1st 2015, the inner city CBD has a new FREE Tram Zone.

    This means that any tram trip you take that starts and ends within the City Centre (designated Free Tram Zone) will be free.This is a new initiative to assist visitors staying the city to move around.

    It is important to note that if you do have a MYKI – and you will only be traveling in this zone – DO NOT TAP in your MYKI as it will still be charged…    BUT if you end up out side of this Zone and you have NOT touched on, then the potential fines are very costly.  This Free Tram Zone is designed for Visitors, rather than everyday locals… and as such we think its an amazing addition to the Melbourne Tourism experience – or #Visitability



Weather in Melbourne


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