Having been in the business for a while now (Yes, we just celebrated our 10th anniversary of Touring Melbourne!) we get to do a lot of interesting tours and meet a lot of interesting people.

Last week, we had the pleasure of taking volunteers from Jewish Aid on a tour of Melbourne city. These guys and gals work with refugees and new immigrants to help them with their English skills and integration. We’re pretty impressed with that, so we wanted to show them a good time in the city, and also to show them some of the amazing places Melbourne has to offer, both paid and free attractions.

It was a fun morning of touring Melbourne, refreshing many of the volunteers with a bit of local Melbourne history, great Melbourne coffee spots and places where they can take kids on school holidays for free and amazing activities. We wanted to share with these guys what to do in Melbourne. One asked if you had 24 hrs in Melbourne, what’s the best thing to do? And after our walking tour we were so happy to hear that Hidden Secrets Tour would be his suggestion!

Hopefully we will see their faces around the city with their ‘encounters partners’, showing off Melbourne city.