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Our Sustainability Statement

Hidden Secrets Tours highly values and appreciates the amazing city that our business runs on and within. With great respect to this environment we are committed to running a sustainable business covering the three main areas of business sustainability: Environmental, Economic and Social Responsibility. Our actions as a local business reflect our sustainable business principles.

About our Sustainability practices

From the inception of our company, we have always stopped to assess how sustainable our business practices are, and changed things along the way to constantly improve on this. We see this as a vital part of our business’s growth and responsibility. We have many existing initiatives in place as a sustainable business.

Environmental Practices

Low Carbon footprint – Our bottom line environmental practice is our company’s low carbon footprint with regard to transport. As a WALKING TOUR operator, we use leg power instead of petrol to show our guests the best way to see Melbourne city. When needed, we provide our guests with Tram tickets and utilise the city’s public transport system.

Small Print Runs – We are conservative with regard to printed material. Where possible, we make online brochures and when needed we print small runs of marketing material in order to reduce wastage.

Local Printing – we use local printers to reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainable inks and papers – all of our marketing materials use sustainable ink and paper.

Reusable water bottles – our staff are all given reusable water bottles to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the office.

Recycling – Our office has always practiced recycling and has initiated a recycling process for the entire Nicholas Building from which we operate. We have recycling bins in the office.

Electricity and Water– As we have a large office space in the city, we have divided the office and share it with a number of other small business operators. This maxmises the power usage to people ratio. As it is a transient office, lights are switched off if no one is using the space.
The Nicholas building has shared bathrooms which also reduces the overall usage of water.

Off-set carbon – On the odd occasion we need to fly somewhere, perhaps to a conference, we always off-set our flights through the airlines.

Social Responsibility

As a small local business, we see our city and its amazing local businesses as a highly important and strive to continuously support them. We also focus on sharing our sustainability values with our clients and fellow business operators.

Roof Top Honey project – we sponsor one of Melbourne’s incredible sustainability projects, Roof Top Honey. These guys are looking after our bee populations.

The Big Issue – we are a sponsor of another one of Melbourne’s great community projects, the Big Issue. in 2015 we have joined the Womens Subscription Enterprise and taken a digital subscription rather then paper.

Local Printing – we use local printers for all of our print material.

Volunteering & Community engagement – many of our staff are involved in incredible organizations in volunteering roles. We work together with them and the organizations to bring greater understanding and exposure of Melbourne city through our business. Hidden Secrets Tours are supporters of various projects including The Nursery Project  and Run Melbourne in 2015 for Vision Australia, we supported the Sacred Heart Light up a Life Cocktail Party

Social Media & Blogging – we share our stories and information about how we run our business sustainably and information about other great local businesses through social media and our website blog.

Staff education and feedback – we are in constant conversation with our staff members about their thoughts on how effective our sustainability is, and ways in which we can improve it.


In 2014 we celebrated 10 years of business. This was an extremely exciting milestone in Hidden Secret Tour’s history. We see ourselves continuing to operate as one of Melbourne’s Top Tour operators into the future. Our business practices mean we are built as a sustainable tourism business and continue to bring economic benefit to Melbourne and Australia.

As our company focuses on local businesses and local producers, our practices are helping in sustaining the economy of not only our own company, but many of Melbourne’s other wonderful small businesses.