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Hi All! We had our last tour on Saturday with just one couple, before they headed home on their last flight. As of today March 23rd 2020 we are suspending tours temporarily. Here in Victoria it is the responsible and safe thing to do.

News is moving so quickly, that we are taking a moment to listen to the authorities and ensure our team can remain safe and plan for a difficult few months.

As a small business owner, I am devastated to have to let go of so many generous, clever and talented people.

I have had to make some truly challenging decisions to ensure we have lots of work for them to come back to when this situation changes.

Hidden Secrets Tours is the original laneway tour we have been in operation for more than 16 years. We are in a strong position to weather this storm.

We will still be functioning as a business, so please reach out. I will be reaching out to all of you when we have an understanding of what’s next and when.

It’s 16 years since we started this “big little business” and I am so proud of the 35+ people who have worked in it since then.

I believe in what we offer, and enjoy the industry greatly! So, see you soon with our much loved tour and exciting new itineraries and familiar faces.

Please buy local wherever you are, this will be the difference whilst we are all healthy, and again when are ready to bring you all back into our businesses!

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Cheers, stay safe, and enjoy the time at home.


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