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This week is Homelessness Prevention Week – link

We are excited to announce the community focus of our business.

Hidden Secrets is for Helpful Steps to homelessness solutions in Melbourne.

In 2015 we have joined with social enterprises, charitable groups, and fundraising events that making positive change here in the Melbourne community of people identifying as homeless. We have certainly been fundraising for those less fortunate in Melbourne for many years but never with an articulated plan.

In the coming months we will have clear programs where our clients and colleagues will be able to add their efforts or finances to this important issue!

It is true, it would be nice to give to everyone when we can, but we felt we needed a clearer focus and an opportunity to get involved in a story, maybe a result, and certainly a type of mindfulness of our community. It is something which effects so many in our community.  From our youth, mothers and children, men of all ages, drug users, abused and desolate individuals, the list is almost endless.

Since 2004 the streets, the lanes, the city tram stops, shops, buildings and so many other things have changed, and one of those that we see daily is the amount of people sleeping rough in the city.

Hidden Secrets Tours now has a department focused on how we can be involved in the awareness of the issues of local homelessness and look for ways to better spend our charitable efforts in this realm.

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