Melbourne is a city which has become famous for many things. We are happy to boast that it has been voted, three years in a row the most liveable city in the world. And we’re partial to agree with that. It really is a wonderful city to live in, and that’s the type of Melbourne we like to show-off on our Unique Tours of Melbourne.

There are many highlights of Melbourne, and many reasons why tourist flock to our city.

We are famous for our Coffee scene. Melbourne has become world famous for serving a great cup of coffee. There are seemingly endless cafes which pop up in every nook and cranny of the city. There is a lot to learn about coffee when you come to Melbourne, and our Cafe Culture Tour of Melbourne is a great way to do it. This tour of Melbourne’s coffee culture encompasses many elements of the city. We talk about how the cafe culture began in Melbourne, how it has developed and show you many of the amazing spots around the city. Of course, there are tastings along to way to make it a full sensory experience. Many of our guests take the Cafe Tour of Melbourne as an opportunity to try new styles of coffee (and some are surprised that there are so many variations).

Never fear, if you’re not a coffee drinker, Melbourne is still the city for you. Coffee is one great element which our cafes serve, but there is a whole lot more to experience too. Whilst wandering around Melbourne, you’re never too far from a chocolate shop too. Many of our cafes are in such unique settings, through obscure doorways and up into quaint buildings. It’s a city which has so much to discover, and the best way to do it is with a local in the know. And that’s what we are!