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Today  - we have won the bid on 2 Restaurants – CODA and Punch Lane Wine bar 2 of Melbourne’s amazing local haunts as part of the #tables4aCause raising much needed funds for the Nepalese via the Red Cross.
With so many wonderful, hardworking Nepalese in the hospitality industry, Matteo Pignatelli (National President of Restaurant & Catering Association) together with fellow restaurateur David Mackintosh (Chairman, Victorian Food & Wine Tourism Council) asked the industry to join with them to raise funds for the victims affected by the devastating Nepal earthquake. – We bid for 4 tables, but won the bid on 2, and paid over what was the suggested price… this is not about getting things for cheap, this is about raising money and participating in an amazing event.

100% of Proceeds go to Australian Red Cross Nepal Region Earthquake Appeal

If you donate over $50 to our own local charitable efforts  with Fiona’s Sleep Out, we will pass on 6 of our seats for Wednesday 27th May.. it can only be this date, and all food wine wine is included…

There are people sleeping out in the open in Nepal.. we need to help them, we also need to assist our own back yard.. so join with us in the fund raising.. and an amazing dinner will be yours for a minimum of $50 per person…

Thank you for your generous support of this appeal, and our efforts with the CEO SleepOut in June. I am hoping to raise more than the suggested $5,000 as I think our own back yard is important too… CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE on Fiona’s CEO SLEEP OUT

The Vinnies program is a national one, but the money raised locally is used for local programs..

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