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If there’s a perfect time of year to explore Melbourne, it’s autumn. Summer’s heat has bowed out, avenues of trees are dressed in an outrageous display of colour, and the milder days and evenings beckon you to stroll around this intriguing city.

Melbourne in Autumn

But if you think you really know Melbourne, you may just need to think again. Even people who have lived here for years concede the city is rather like that proverbial iceberg where just 10 per cent is visible, and the other 90 per cent is hidden, ambiguous or there for a short time.

Melbourne’s famous laneways and arcades, its inspired restaurateurs and chefs, baristas and sommeliers, fashion and jewellery designers all seem to be engaged in a delightful conspiracy to surprise residents and visitors with new discoveries that make this city one of constant change.

Hidden Secrets Tours is, of course, right across all this, and adds to its walks as Melbourne adds new morsels to its ever-changing menu of things to do.

Art After Dark in Melbourne May 13th and 14th

This year  Autumn brings a new event - Art After Dark 13th and 14th May

Food, wine, coffee and now artisan spirits are absolutely central to Melbourne’s culture. But much of the city’s best is hidden away in lanes and arcades, behind secret doors and atop historic buildings where there’s a fabulous trail of rooftop bars.

You can certainly explore on your own, but you can also cut to the chase and join a walking tour to find the very best, or bring a group of friends for your own private group tour.



Coffee is an essential kick-start to the day for many people – even Nigella Lawson said: ‘I don’t usually drink coffee, but you have to have coffee in Melbourne!’ when she was at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

So take a Café Culture Tour through the maze of laneways, learning about the coffee palaces of the 1950s, getting the heads-up on the top coffee roasters and single-origin beans, and finding those little café gems you can return to every morning while you’re in Melbourne. Lunch is included in a hidden café on this tour.


If you’d like to explore more broadly, the Lanes and Arcades Tour gives you a taste of café culture, but also reveals local fashion and other designers, Melbourne’s famous street art and 19th-century architecture.

Then set aside time to see some international art: the extraordinary, immersive digital Van Gogh exhibition at The Lume (Australia’s first digital art gallery) runs till June 30; while the world-premiere Melbourne Winter Masterpieces exhibition, ‘The Picasso Century’, opens on June 10 at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

Come early evening, it’s time for a craft gin, a fine regional wine, a cocktail or two. But how to find those elusive local haunts, rooftop venues and tiny bars behind secret doorways that evoke memories of glamorous speakeasies?

The Hidden Secrets Liquid Crafts Aperitivo Walk shows the city’s best. Grab a group of eight or more friends and join us. You’ll stop in at three venues for a flight of gin, whiskey or beer, cocktail mixing and tapas-style snacks. There’s plenty more to discover (Victoria has more than 70 distilleries), so you’ll receive a take-home package of special offers and a personalised map. Dont forget to book ahead for groups.

Bar Culture in Melbourne

Dinner time? There are so many great restaurants in Melbourne that it’s hard for even the locals to keep up. A Progressive Degustation Walk includes three venues, each with a different food style, history and design, along with individually chosen wine tastings and savoury snacks.


By now you’ll have nailed Melbourne’s food and beverage culture, so what about some special events and shows?

‘Hamilton’ plays till August (the Melbourne season of ‘Moulin Rouge! The Musical’ sold out, so you’d best be quick to book!), the Australian Burlesque Festival presents ‘The Blaze Out’ on May 13 and ‘The Big Tease Soiree’ on May 14, while the new and shorter version of ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ opens in May.

And then of course there’s sport. Australian Rules Football (AFL) is the local obsession, and there are games at Melbourne’s big stadiums every week. Soccer and rugby union are played at top levels too.

Autumn is also a great time to plan for Melbourne’s extraordinary ‘RISING’ festival, which features dozens of day and evening art, music, performance, ceremony and food events from June 1 to 19. Just remember to book a cosy hotel for your visit!

rising Melbourne

We love this time of year, and particularly we encourage you to book at tour, a restaurant or what ever else tickles your curiosty early – book in advance, watch for last minute updates, but do book ahead, as it helps everyone to staff venues and ensure your experience is the best it can be.


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  • I am so thrilled I did. Wow, it was so interesting. I am seriously born and bred Melbourne, lived here for 50 years (in inner 'burbs) and worked and walked these city streets probably thousands of times and thought I knew my patch pretty well. This tour was the next level. My Melbourne will never be the same to me again, for which I am truly grateful. I liked it so much we're booked on the Degustation Tour. If you are not a local and you are interested in the quirky side of history and how this staid, yet beautiful city evolved, you will enjoy it. If you are a local, you will marvel at Marvelous Melbourne.
    “I loved it, and I’m a local.” – Jen, Melbourne
  • The tour is really worth every cent. We got two coffees, three sweets, a takeaway coffee mug and even a list + booklets with all the information of the tour. After this experience I wished I will stay longer in Melbourne so I can go explore every venue we passed again. Thums up for this tours! Thanks a lot 'Hidden secrets Melbourne'!
    Cafe Culture tour – Annelies from Netherlands
  • I had enjoyed Lanes and Arcades and Cafe Culture Tours in April 2015 with my family and it was so good that I returned with my friend in August Sept 2015. It really is the best way to make the most of your time in Melbourne to spend time with a guide from Hidden Secrets Tours. They are a wonderful example of Melbourne hospitality and the guests on the tour from all over the world make the experience one not to be missed. Next time I visit Melbourne their progressive High Tea Tour is definitely on my to do list.
    “Hidden Secrets Tours are becoming a must do for our trips to Melbourne.”
  • As Friday night was our last night in Melbourne we had a debriefing about what they had enjoyed the most...and guess what??.. Your tour was the most mentioned activity. One girl said it was the best $12 she had spent. Haha. So once again, a huge thank you for fitting us in and helping broaden our girls view of the food industry. They are so much wiser for the experience. Year 12 - Newcastle High School
    Newcastle High School – March 2014
  • This excellent informative and entertaining tour focused on the inner delights of Melbourne CBD lanes and arcades. Sarah is a wealth of information and is a natural entertainer. Even if like me you have been to Melbourne many times, Sarah still delivered the 'Well I never!" factor. Go on these attractions, they are truly worth every cent. - Trip Advisor - Jan 2014
    Shirley – Lanes & Arcades walk
  • This is honestly the best tour I have ever done anywhere in the world. If you ever visit Melbourne, I strongly recommend that you take this tour.
    Visited January 2014 - tripadvisor
    Via TripAdviser WynonaLavota
  • “Fantastic, Friendly, Interesting”

    The guide was amazing. She had such a wealth of background knowledge about the area that she answered every question as well as expanding on it. I could see she really enjoyed her what she did with enthusiasm and eagerness. It was a truly amazing experience. I would gladly recommend this tour for all those who love history and interesting coffee and eats Reviewed 2 January 2014 on TripAdvisor - Cafe Culture Walk

    Cafe Culture Walk – Sth Africa
  • I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for your great hospitality. Thank you for making my Ultimate Australian Adventure with Oprah such and amazing time... 2010 Mary re the specially arranged Lanes and Arcades Walk 
    Mary T of Nova Scotia
  • Last week Jo and I went on your Lanes & Arcades tour and the Sommelier's Tour. They both offered completely different experiences. We had a great time discovering the many wonderful shops and cafes hidden away in the lanes and arcades of Melbourne...
    Robyn of Newcastle NSW
  • Both my friend Glenda & I have been going to Melbourne for years and we would have never known that these “Hidden Treasures” existed. It was fascinating to walk up & down the lanes & arcades and to see a completely different side of Melbourne...
    Kathryn & Glenda – NSW
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